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Cryotherapy Cold Water Therapy System by Arctic Medical  Cryotherapy Arctic Ice Cold Water Therapy System   



Cryotherapy Arctic Ice Cold Water Therapy


ICE WATER THERAPY: CRYOTHERAPY is a great way to tolerate your chronic pain flareups.  The application of heat and ice has been used for years to help relieve pain in various parts of the body.  Ice whirlpool baths, ice soaks, ice pack, heating pads, hot water whirlpool baths and moist heat applications are effective ways to quickly bring feelings of pain relief to small or large areas on the body.  Often times using ice and heat in combination can provide effective pain relief and get people back up and into the "game".  After exercising or other athletic activities a cold ice pack applied to your lower back pain, your knee pain, your elbow pain, your wrist pain, your ankle pain or your neck pain can quickly relieve the pain and help avoid pain flareups.  You can see many athletes icing down after their sporting event.


Many physical therapy regimens involve using heat to help loosen up joints and muscles before beginning physical exertions and stretching.  After completing the activity, applying ice helps to reduce the level of possible swelling and relieves pain in muscles and joints used during the activity.  The use of ice and heat to treat chronic pain and pain flareups was only a natural transition.  I like the ice water recirculators like the one pictured above because they allow me to apply ice to the affected area over an extended period of time.  The recirculator that I personally use can hold ice between 6-8 hours depending on how often I have it set to "recharge" the ice pad.  The ice pad is a pad with tubular channels on it.  The channels fill with the ice cold water which circulates through the pad before returning to the cooler portion of the ice water therapy unit to be rechilled.  You can set the level or temperature you want the ice pad to be at from your basic "cold" to a really chilly "coldest" setting. Great for helping tolerate my chronic pains.



To me, the coldest setting feels like applying ice directly to your back.  At that setting, it's not necessary to use the ice water therapy unit for very long during my icing session.  Many people recommend not icing the area for more than 20 to 30 minutes when treating injury or pain flareups.  I personally like to set the level at basic cold and allow my ice water therapy unit to run for several hours.  As the pad charges and discharges the ice water, you are not constantly applying the "ice" to your pain so for me, using the ice water therapy unit to treat my chronic pain over a 3 or 4 hour period doesn't bother me but does give me great relief from the pain flareup.  I use my unit to "ice" the pains in my leg.  I also use it to ice the pains in my lower back.  It even treats the chronic pains I have in my hips, buttocks, feet and cervical area.  The pad is very easy to mold to your various body parts and allows you to treat your chronic pain, pain flareup or injury specific zones very much like the old reliable ice bag.


I absolutely love my ice water therapy unit.  I can't begin to tell you how much better my back feels after I apply the pad and let it run for awhile.  Then I move the pad to my lower leg and foot and let it run a little while longer.  Talk about relief.  Whew.  Now, when I have a severe flareup, I have found that using heat and ice in alternating cycles brings me the greatest relief.  While the ice water therapy unit is keeping the pad on my back filled, I apply the heating pad to my lower legs and feet at a moderate setting.  After I have iced my back for a period of time, I remove the heat for about 20 minutes then apply the icing pad to my lower leg and feet.  At the same time I apply the ice water pad to my leg and foot, I then apply the heating pad to my back.  I use a 20 to 30 minute break in between applying heat or ice during the alternating treatment cycle.  I don't want to apply ice directly to the area I just finished heating.  That allows the effects of the heat to settle down and gets my circulatory system ready for the ice water therapy.


I'm almost certain that you once you try the ice water recirculator, you will be glad you did.  You will find yourself using it quite often as I do.  Here's a tip for those of you who will be getting your own ice water therapy unit or if you already have one.  I no longer use ice in my unit.  I went out a purchased 7 of those blue, put in the freezer, ice substitute blocks.  When I get ready to use my unit, I put 3 of the blocks into the water and turn it on.  The temperature gets as cold as ice does and I don't have all the extra water to have to dump each time I refill my cooler.  I just take out the 3 defrosted blocks and put in 3 freshly frozen blocks each time I need to use the ice water therapy cooler.  By using the ice substitute, I no longer take all of the ice out of the ice maker, I have reduced wear and tear on the refrigerators ice maker, I don't have to dump the extra water from when the ice melts, which being a chronic pain sufferer with back trouble, carrying the cooler to dump the water is eliminated.  I don't have to buy ice all I have to do is remember to put the defrosted ice substitutes in the freezer to re-freeze them.  Makes my painful life a whole lot less pain filled.  Whatever way you go, you will be glad that you got your hands on an ice water therapy unit.  Get yours now.

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Chronic pain can make us feel isolated and helpless, especially if its cause is an illness or physical condition for which there's no cure or effective medical treatment. At times of deepest despair, finding ways to nurture our spirits can help us not only cope with the pain, but also discover nuggets of grace, comfort, and productivity that can move us through and beyond the helplessness and hopelessness we feel

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When we are in great pain, finding true peace and comfort is not easy. But it is possible, if we first try to still our worries and fears, both external and internal. Finding a place where there are no noisy distractions is a great start. Enjoying the outward quiet, we can then calm our inner selves and nurture peace within. Make Meditation part of your daily chronic pain toleration and easement practice.  Meditation can be done anytime you can find a quite place and 15 to 20 minutes to slow down and focus on easing your pains.

Everyday is the start of new hope that we will be able to break free of the chronic pains binds and run down the street singing and dancing, picking up our little girls and boys, tossing the ball, jumping rope, doing whatever it is that we want unrestricted by the pain.  We know our family and friends don't fully understand what we are experiencing; hell we barely understand it but we still have to live thru it. 


They say that necessity is the mother of invention.  It's also a great source of motivation and re-invention and self-examination, etc, etc, etc.  Suffering with chronic pains falls into the same category as necessity.  If you don't believe, try it someday.  No, not really.  I wouldn't want anybody to have to suffer with chronic pains.  Finding ways to tolerate the pain becomes perhaps the greatest motivating force for me and I would almost certainly say for many other chronic pain sufferers.
While I've been suffering with my chronic pains, I have done a whole lot of self-examination.  I have discovered that I do need people.  I can't do everything myself.  I also learned that just because I have been disabled by my chronic pains doesn't make me less of a man.  Through all of this, I also learned that casually repeating the quote "never say never" has a new meaning when you are faced with choices on the direction of your life after suffering with chronic pains for many years.
One of those choices is how to make a living when you can't physically do the things you were trained to do and had come to rely on to earn your living.  Even though your body can't be counted on consistently, your mind still works.  That  transition from doer/thinker to thinker/doer isn't difficult as much as it just a change in how you accomplish what you once did with your brawn.  I think, at times, it was the fear of what my mind would come up with that held me back from trying different avenues of making money.
Once I got past that I decided that could make money online.  I had discovered a multi-modal system that helped me tolerate my chronic pains better and I thought, wow, that would be a good niche for me to create my online business.  Now, mind you, I'm not pain free but I've been using a multi-modal system to ease my pain flareups and help me get back on my feet faster.  So, I started in the internet marketing, affiliate marketing and E-Commerce field.
Now I find myself thinking outside of the box and merging multiple business disciplines and offers into a website and the end result is a multi modal system of tolerating pains better and earning money onlne.  I use everything from medicines, to exercise equipment, exercise videos, massage pads, pillows and mats, meditation, massage, music, relationship building and maintenance programs and adult games, videos and clothes to help ease pain flareups and tolerate chronic pains better, faster everyday.
So as you visit my site, you will find pages dedicated to all of the various methods I use to tolerate my pains everyday.  Using the multi-modal method gives me a rounded defense against the ravages of chronic pains.  Now I'm sharing my system with everybody who wants to find ways to tolerate the pain their body is suffering.  I'm not a doctor, I'm just a person who has suffered chronic pains long enough.  I advise you to check with your doctor before making any changes in your pain treatment system.  As I am not a medical professional, the information I share on my sites is not intended to be or replace medical advice.  I share it because I like sharing but you should talk with your doctor about anything on my site you are thinking about trying.  Remember, your doctor is your partner in this with you and they are trained professionals.  I'm just a pain sufferer.  Okay?  Good, now enjoy reading and best wishes in tolerating your pains better.


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Chronic Pain Hero, VGE-LLC, VinHol Global, Realistically Correct, MrChronicPainHero are properties of VinHol Global Enterprises LLC and offer all advice as strictly personal reference and not to be taken as medical advice as I am not a doctor.  Please consult your personal doctor before beginning any regimen, diet or activity.  Any advice found on any of my websites is not to be taken as medical advice or to replace any medical advice you have been given by your doctor.  All advice is offered from my own personal experience as a chronic pain sufferer and is not to be construed as being given to make you choose to not follow your doctors advice.  The statements and experiences are mine and relate how I am managing my life and chronic pains.  Any action you take is of your own free will and should be discussed with your doctor and or pain management group.  I highly recommend that you talk with your doctors and follow their advice.  I hope that you can gain new insights from my personal experiences of how I am tolerating my pains fast and easing my pain flareups using the methods and products described on my website.  Thank you and take care.