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Describing Multi-Modal Pain Treatments

 A Note To A Fibromyalgia Sufferer:                                                    home

Finding support groups and other people who can understand what you are experiencing and relate to the impact your pain has on your lifestyle and the interactions with family, spouses, friends, children and co-workers. I have been working on ways to share the ideas and methods I use to tolerate my chronic pains and the process that helps ease my chronic pain flareups. I haven’t found a way to be pain free but I have been fortunate enough to break through some of my flareups and start living a healthier, happier, less pain filled lifestyle daily. After gathering shared experiences and my own experiences, I discovered that the only way to really start to fight back against chronic pains is by using multi-modal processes. That’s just my fancy way of saying that we have to address many different areas and methods to effectively begin to tolerate our chronic pains better. Taking medicine alone doesn’t work. Talking to a psychiatrist alone doesn’t work. More surgery isn’t the answer. No, addressing our life for the valuable and wonderful gift it is can lead to our tolerating our pain better. I included a few links for you to review at our leisure. They can be found on one of my websites.   

The jist of the matter is, and please note, I AM NOT A DOCTOR- I AM A PERSON WHO SUFFERS WITH CHRONIC PAINS AND WANTS TO GET MY LIFE BACK. That has been my driving force, my motivation. To return to being the father, husband, brother, son, friend and co-worker I once was. To do that, to re-capture our life we must address the following: Depression, ours and our significant others, our spouses, our childrens, friends and co-workers as we are all affected by the pain taking me/you away from them. Medicinal, using meds that can take the edge off but not render us comatose and un-alert, forgetful and totally dependent. Yes, we are addicted but not in a negative way as our bodies are actually using the meds to fight the pain but we will need to be walked through withdrawal to get off the meds. Physically, we need to use ice, heat, massage, exercise and rest. I use an ice recirculator that helps me control the cost on ice purchases/wear and tear on my ice maker. There is a recirculator that allows for cryotherapy and thermal therapy          home

 We need massages, using massage pads and pillows takes the place of people massaging us because massage therapy is expensive and you can’t always get a massuese at 3A.M. There are various massage products on the market that work well for all parts of the body. I have the ones I like on my site if you want to see what I use.

Then we need to begin a simple exercise routine to help our body regenerate and fight back against the ravaging pains. And of course getting rest when we can and not just the drug induced rest that comes in 2 or 3 hours spans. Then we need support forums, people we can talk to about our pains that won’t judge us and won’t look at us like we are making it up, like it’s all in our heads. We need to be confident that we can say what we are feeling and what is on our minds without alienating people because they don’t get it. We need support groups for our families and friends. Teach them how to be understanding and that our pains are real. Help them understand that our lives are affected too. When they miss us doing things with them, we miss us doing things with them too. They have to learn to understand that we didn’t choose to be in pain and we can’t just choose to not be in pain. That we have to work on all fronts to ease the pains enough so that we can have some form of a life. When we say no, I can’t make it today, we aren’t trying to avoid them or get out of doing something, we are saying no because we really can’t make it today.                                     home

Until we are in a position to treat our chronic pains from all fronts, we will not effectively be able to ease the pains or tolerate the flareups. It is necessary that all facets of the multi-modal pain treatment system are being utilized if we want to begin to get our life back from the grasp of chronic pains such as Fibromyalgia, Sciatica, RSD, Neuropathy, Arthritis, Migraines, Back Pains and others. I hope you are able to wean some helpful information from this. I wish you a strong and successful fight against your Fibromyalgia. Just know that you have another person who truly understands what you are going thru and the many obstacles that you have to navigate just to deal with your pain let alone tolerate it better or ease it all together. I will be looking forward to more of your video journals. Sharing your story is helping many people find the courage to continue the fight against their own chronic pain. Thank you for being willing to show the world a brave face as you endure your pain and suffering.                                                                                    home



*please note that I am not a licensed doctor or a practitioner of medicine. all advice I offer is based on my own personal experience and is not meant or intended to replace the advice of competent medical personell. Do not alter or stop any regimens or therapies that your doctor has place you on without consulting your doctor first. Use of any of the information I provide in this letter is at your own risk and I am not advising you to use this information. I am simply sharing what I do in my own personal life for my own personal experience. This is not to be construed as permission to use the programs that I use for myself nor to say that these programs have been shown to benefit anybody medically or practically, they are just for me and my benefit. This disclaimer relieves VinHol Global Enterprises and associated brands along with me personally, of any responsibility for anything you choose to do on your own free will and accord. I do not have the authority or medical license to develop a program to treat or cure any illness or condition. This is for your interest only.

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