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Tolerate your Fibromyalgia?

Tolerate The Sciatica Pains?

Ease Stinging Burning Leg Pains?

Live A Healthier Lifestyle?

*Live Life With Joy, Health And Wellness?

Make Pinching, Burning Foot Pain Go So You Can Walk?

Get Your Spouse To Understand What You're Living With?

Stop LOOKS From CoWorkers & Friends Who Don't Get it?

Tired Of Everyone Saying You're Depressed ?

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Pain : Clinical Manual Managing Chronic Pain: A Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Approach Workbook (Treatments That Work) Pain Management: A Burke Novel Reversing Chronic Pain: A 10-Point All-Natural Plan for Lasting Relief Weiner's Pain Management: A Practical Guide for Clinicians, Seventh Edition
More Than Pain Relief

It's About was created so I could share what I have personally learned and experienced while living with chronic, life-altering PAIN. Are you or anybody you know living with pain?

  • Living in PAIN? What kind of PAIN? Back PAIN? Fibromyalgia? Sciatica? Lower Leg PAIN? Neck PAIN? Foot PAIN? Migraines?

    • Are you PRE-Surgery or POST-Surgery? Do you take PAIN meds on a regular basis? Has PAIN altered your LIFE? Affected your MARRIAGE?

    • Is your PAIN Chronic or Severe? Constant or reoccurring? Disabling or nagging? Are you looking for NON MEDICINAL ways to ease your PAIN?

    • Ready for ways to tolerate the PAIN better and live a healthier life with less pain and more of the "stuff" you deserve to enjoy in your life?

    PAINCORNERSTORE is sharing what I have discovered. I pray you will begin to tolerate your chronic PAINs, severe PAINsPAIN flareups and other body aches and PAINs better so you can live the life that you deserve.



Developing a multimodal system for you is a very personal issue. What works for me might not work quite as well for you so an effective multimodal system will have to incorporate segments from your personal values. There are some basic elements that can be added to any multimodal system and these elements are what you can use to build upon.

You know what kinds of foods you like, comfort foods so to speak and what kind of friends you have. You will know which friends you can rely on to help you and not become an enabler. You don't want somebody who will just go with the flow and not be there to support you when needed and challenge you at other times.

You will need to identify your resources that you will use to build your multimodal system. Of course one of those resources is this website. From there you will need the support of your spouse or significant other. Your children will need to know about the situation based on their ages and maturity to handle the situation. Extended family can prove helpful as well. Then there are you coworkers and friends. The people you select will need to be made aware of your situation merely so they can be supportive and offer a second line of support. Once you have the people side selected you can move to the other segments.

Here are the segments as I see them:

Supporters: family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, church members, clergy

Food: easy to fix recipes, healthy foods, plenty of water, balanced diet, daily vitamin

Exercise: simple to follow regimen, workout partner, place to workout/room to workout, chart to note progress, workout equipment as useable

Mental: place to meditate, meditation process, music to meditate to/mood music, books to read, interactive games to keep you involved, "sharpen the saw" processes, stress relievers, hobbies

Recovery: comfort products, massage products, heating pads, ice packs/ice recirculators, medications as prescribed by your doctors

Social: neighbors to visit and to visit you, local activities to attend, social internet activities if desired, volunteer projects, family time, family events

Intimate: select time with spouse/significant other, conversation, cuddling, date night, massage

Spiritual: meditate, commune with self, reflection, forgiveness, anxiety relief, prayer, spiritual readings, motivational readings,

Those are the segments I would suggest and you can always add more. Don't think that you are limited to the tasks that I noted. You can always expand those task, eliminate some or modify them. Remember, the multimodal system will only be effective if you put your mark on it. You must add things that are significant and impactful to you. Only you know what you think and feel so use that as your guide to adding different tasks to each segment.

The emphasis should be on not allowing the pain to dictate your life schedule by adding in segments that move you through each day. Taking care of your body and mind while fighting thru severe and chronic pains and pain flareups only serves to help you tolerate the pain better. When you exercise in severe moderation, remember to keep it simple. You just want to keep your body moving, keep the blood flowing, the muscles tone, joints flexible and help keep the free radicals flowing and cells rebuilding.

You're not training for the triathalon so don't overdo it and put yourself in a tailspin that's worse than the pain you're already in.

See the rest of this website for more tips, ideas, information and methods to work through segment of a multimodal pain tolerations solution.

  Living with back pain? Want to be Pain Free? Know anybody suffering with sciatica? Remember when Fibromyalgia wasn't being given the respect it deserved? Leg Pain can slow you down when you least need it to. It's said that millions of people suffer silently with Migraines. There are a lot of causes of Foot pains seeing a Podiatrist can help. Solutions for pain and living the life you deserve can be found throughout my"" website. I had a cervical fusion when my neck pain was discovered to be caused by degenerative discs and herniated discs. I recommend finding a good pain management group and a doctor for professional advice and care and then for non medical advice, strictly from my personal experience and feedback from other pain sufferers, visit to see the products and methods that have proven to help ease my chronic pains daily.


Afterall "Making Living Well A Better Part Of Life" is my goal.

"Super Fast Pain Relief" "101 BackPain Relief Tips" "Lose The Pain"

"Get Healthy, Get Fit" "Get Back In The Game" "Live The Life You Deserve"

"Shop Til You Drop" "Seasonal Products"

"Games, Gadgets & Much, Much More"



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Back Pains:

Lifestyle :

Pregnancy & Back Pain:

Morning Stiffness:



Chronic Pain Hero, VGE-LLC, VinHol Global, Realistically Correct, MrChronicPainHero are properties of VinHol Global Enterprises and offer all advice as strictly personal reference and not to be taken as medical advice as I am not a doctor. Please consult your personal doctor before beginning any regimen, diet or activity. Any advice found on any of my websites is not to be taken as medical advice or to replace any medical advice you have been given by your doctor. All advice is offered from my own personal experience as a chronic pain sufferer and is not to be construed as being given to make you choose to not follow your doctors advice. The statements and experiences are mine and relate how I am managing my life and chronic pains. Any action you take is of your own free will and should be discussed with your doctor and or pain management group. I highly recommend that you talk with your doctors and follow their advice. I hope that you can gain new insights from my personal experiences of how I am tolerating my pains fast and easing my pain flareups using the methods and products described on my website. Thank you and take care.






VinHol Global Enterprises

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Copyright © 2007 Chronic Pain Hero and VinHol Global Enterprises Company

Living with back pain? Want to be Pain Free? Know anybody suffering with sciatica? Remember when Fibromyalgia wasn't being given the respect it deserved?Leg Pain can slow you down when you least need it to.It's said that millions of people suffer silently with Migraines. There are a lot of causes of Foot pains seeing a Podiatrist can help. Solutions for pain and living the life you deserve can be found throughout my website. I had a cervical fusion when my neck pain was discovered to be caused by degenerative discs and herniated discs. I recommend finding a goodpain management group and then visit my site to see the proven products that I use to help ease my pains daily.
Doing stretches, exercises, eating a healthy diet, following a stable regimen,taking prescribed medicines as the doctor instructs you to can go along way in living a healthier life and enjoying a lifestyle you deserve. Having a personal trainer is nice if you can afford it. Working with a back pain specialist and using their suggestions for tolerating pain and managing pain is a wise move. If you have diabetic pain or joint pain working with a medical professional is only smart.
I believe that a healthier lifestyle, using my multimodal system which isn't like
the multimodal you might have read about up til now, is posssible. If you have a spouse or co-workers or former co workers or coworkers you think about like your family,their support can help ease your suffering in silence by giving you a sounding board so you don't suffer in silence because we don't need to suffer pain.
Good information,tips,methods,understanding helps us to live lifestyle you deserve using ideas from my multimodal pain toleration system to develop your own system to tolerate your pain and be your own chronic pain hero. Live a healthy lifestyle be concerned with your health and wellness

The health and fitness,well being environment has become more informative with more ways to ease pain,get rid of back pain,get rid of pain and help back pain sufferers who are living in pain, to stop living in pain
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