PainCornerStore: MultiModal System Includes Exercises

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 Make Me Over Workout
Protein and Strength Training

ExerciseTV trainer, Steve Maresca helped three women lose more than 65 pounds by making sure they ate enough protein, healthy fats like olive oil and nuts and strength trained at least three times a week. Try the Make Me Over workout with Steve for a fat burning strength workout. 

 Cardio sculpting
Cardio and Sculpting
Be sure to combine at least 30 minutes of cardio 3-5 times a week with strength training workouts, like Cardio Sculpting with Steve Maresca. Your diet should be high in lean proteins, healthy fats and fruits and veggies. 

In my multimodal chronic pain toleration system, I use exercises that are low to no impact.  I keep the exercises simple for several reasons.  When I'm in pain, the last thing I want to do is exercise but since the exercises I do are simple I can sometimes do a few of them and I have found that they actually help ease up some of the symptoms that I am feeling.  I do foot flexes where I basically flex my foot up and down.  Then I also do arm lifts where, while I'm laying on my side, I lift my arm and hold it up for a few seconds then repeast until I finish a short set.  I did say that I keep it simple didn't I? 

Keeping my exercise routine simple also improves the success rate, that is, the chances that I will do them and be able to complete the exercise.  I noticed that being in chronic pain has stopped me from doing most of the things I used to do in my life.  Not being able to do the things I enjoyed and the things that my family wanted me to do, let alone earn a living, has left me with a constant nagging feeling of failure.  So the last thing I want to do is add something else to my life that I can't do successfully.  When you have a choice, why set yourself up for failure?

Self Confidence and Self Tanner

how to look good naked 2From workouts to self confidence to self tanner, Zen shares her top tips for looking good...NAKED!

Calories and Consistency

SIXPACK ABSCindy says, hydration, multivitamin, no white carbs, low sodium, spread out your calories and keep your ab workouts consisent!

 Now that I have been doing my exercises for a few years, I find that I recover from my pain flareups faster.  At one point in time a flareup would take me completely off my feet for 5 or more days.  Recently, I have found that my flareups respond better to ice and heat therapy along with the meds and that I am usually back to normal chronic pain levels after about 2 or 3 days.  My mental state seems to be more positive also.  Feeling stronger and more energized helps me greet each day with a more positive mindset and a belief that I can fight this pain and win.  I also avoid making bad decisions like pushing too far when I know I am at my limits and need to be on ice or heat therapy.  Basically, it has changed the entire way I approach suffering from chronic pain. 

Feeling more physical, more energetic helps me mentally.  As a man, the feeling of being fit, feeling powerful and able is a big part of who I am as a person.  So exercising, for me, is just as important as the meds I take, eating and sleeping.  It also helps me when I meditate and renew my mind each day.  That's why, even as a chronic pain sufferer, exercise is a vital component of my multimodal chronic pain toleration system.  Find what works for you and include it in your own multimodal chronic pain toleration system.  That becomes another tool as you build your solutions for living a healthier, happier, less pain filled lifestyle, the lifestyle you deserve to live.

    Exercise Fitness Bike With Motor Drive System  Apple iPod shuffle 2 GB Silver (2nd Generation)  Polar Insulated Water Bottle


 Proper Footwear can help avoid injuries and gives you a stable base while walking and exercising.  Blood Pressure Monitors allow you to monitor your blood pressure at home.  When you are suffering chronic pain your blood pressure could be higher than you might normally register.  Share your daily readings with your doctor at your next visit.  The exercise bike you can use from your favorite chair while watching tv, listening to music or reading a book.  IPODs, Zunes, MP3 players can allow you to listen to your favorite music, watch video, listen to narrated books while you workout, walk or relax.  Making sure you remain hydrated is easier when you have your own water bottle.  Keep it handy as drinking water can help maintain your body's moisture that some medications and exercise can absorb.  You definitely want to stay hydrated to help offset constipation and give your body something to sweat off during hot moments that can occur while suffering with chronic pains.